Boleto is a supplier of process equipment with particular reference to the gutting of fish


We provide complete solutions for the gutting of fish such as trout, Sea bass, Sea bream, Arctic char, Mackerel, Herring etc.

Based on decades of experience, we can offer our customers professional advice and assistance from start to finish analyzing and implementation of complete lines for fish gutting plants.

We offer both standard machines and complete customized solutions.

Boleto is a global supplier of turnkey systems for gutting of both farmed fish as wild caught. We can efficiently and targeted adapt our products and solutions to our customers’ individual needs.

Boleto Machine was founded by Leif Thomsen in 1972

Here gutting machine for trout developed, and after more than 40 years of production have been sold more than 400 fish gutting machines, primarily in Europe.

In 2002, Boleto transferred to Leif Thomsen’s son, Henrik Thomsen, and partner Peder Pedersen, who today are responsible for production, project planning, development of new fish gutting machines and maintenance of existing fish gutting machines.

In recent years, the fish gutting machine has been further developed to include being able to gut Sea bass, Sea bream, Arctic char, Herring and Mackerel.


Fish Gutting Machine

The machine is made to order and built, according to customers information about type and size of fish to be gutted. Thus optimum reliability is obtained, and less than 0,5 % fish is damaged during the gutting process.

Inspection Sink

The Inspection sink is constructed on the basis of decades of experience in the gutting of fish, and is designed with many important details to make inspection of the fish as ergonomic as possible for the operator.

Fish Vats (with outlet door)

The Boleto Fish Vats is equipped with a fish outlet and the bottom of the fish vat is designed so that the fish via gravity will flow down the chute.

Elevation Conveyor Belt

The Boleto Elevation Conveyor serves the purpose of filling up the Boleto Fish Vat with fish from the ground level. Hereby allowing the staff to easily fill the Boleto Fish Vat with fish and at the same time stand in an ergonomically correct working position.