Inspection sink

The Inspection sink is a natural extension of the Boleto gutting machine.

Here the operator can easily check that the fish is properly cleaned. If the fish, contrary to expectations, still contains traces of unwanted parts they can easily be removed and cleaned under the fixed taps. Furthermore, the operator can easily send the fish forward on the system of inspection. Here you can choose a table where there is room for two fish boxes or other options such as roller conveyor, belt etc.

The Inspection sink is constructed on the basis of decades of experience in the gutting of fish, and is designed with many important details to make inspection of the fish as ergonomic as possible for the operator.

The Inspection sink is flexibly designed. This means that you can easily change the location of the sink relative to the fish gutting machine. Thus, one can quickly flip and rotate inspection sink if conditions over time change.

Inspection sink

Technical Data:


L = 1750 mm. (69 inches)
B = 400 mm (15,8 inches)
H = 900 mm. (adjustable) (35,5 inches) (adjustable)

L = 1280mm (50,4 inches)
B = 500mm (19,7 inches)

Adjustable for different fish boxes.

Material: Stainless steel, AISI 304.


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